About Eyal Mesika

Eyal Mesika was born in 1969 in Israel. In 1991, upon completion of a four-year tour of duty in a combat unit of the Israel Defence Forces, Mesika travelled to Africa. He was 21 years of age at the time. Since then, he has been living in Nigeria, first in Lagos and later in Abuja.

In 1994 Eyal Mesika founded EMI Systems Limited, a multi-faceted security firm that has grown to become the leading security service provider in Nigeria and West Africa. Mesika has been the owner and chief executive officer of the company since its foundation.

In addition to his great commitment to the growth and success of his business, Eyal Mesika is also a strong believer and proponent of social responsibility. He has initiated or partnered with a number of projects that are involved in improving the lives of local communities.

About Eyal Mesika

Early Experience

Eyal Mesika began his career in Nigeria in the construction and infrastructure industry where he held a number of senior positions. He gained experience in a variety of areas including logistics, procurement, and administration. In 1994, combining his diverse business experience with the specialised skills he developed during his years of military service, he founded his own company – EMI Systems, Ltd.

EMI Systems Limited

EMI Systems, Ltd. is a leading security company, operating in Nigeria and Ghana. The corporation designs and delivers a unique selection of security solutions for public and private sectors clients throughout West Africa. EMI Systems’ client-base includes financial institutions, embassies, international organisations, governmental agencies, law enforcement agencies, telecommunications industries, airline companies, and the construction and energy sectors.

Among the high-quality, cutting edge products designed and installed by EMI Systems are: bullet-proof automobiles, security doors and windows, recording devices, anti-intruder systems, and specialised scanning equipment. EMI Systems also offers security services such as training for security personnel and surveillance.

Mesika’s management and business acumen has enabled EMI Systems to expand its market share and improve service delivery. Today EMI Systems employs around 3,500 highly trained professionals in offices in Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Lagos in Nigeria, and Accra in Ghana. Mesika continues to drive the advancement of EMI Systems as CEO and Owner.

Social Responsibility

Eyal Mesika and EMI Systems contribute to the development and prosperity of Nigerian society through the Mesika Brothers Foundation, which was established in 2007 as a non-profit organisation dedicated to the empowerment of Nigerian children, youths and young adults. The foundation initiates social upliftment programmes and supports existing projects. As part of their philanthropic activity, they provide regular funding to two orphanages in the Abuja outskirts – Talitha Cumi and Rachel’s Home for Orphans and Vulnerable Children. This ongoing contribution helps the orphanages cover maintenance costs and purchase basic supplies, thus ensuring a safe and stable environment for the children. The foundation also runs two educational youth programmes, Future Labs and IT Structure, which grant participants tools and skills that help them excel professionally and strengthen their communities.

In addition, Eyal Mesika is very involved with the Nigerian Jewish community. Under the auspices of EMI Systems, he contributes resources and personal time to enhancing the religious and cultural facilities for Jews and Israelis living in the country. Mesika donated a private piece of land for the construction of the Abuja Mikveh (Jewish ritual bath), the first Mikveh to be built in West Africa. This project was undertaken in coordination with the local Chabad House and is one of many local Chabad initiatives he has contributed to. As part of this close collaboration, he provides ongoing support to the Passover celebrations led by Chabad emissaries across the country, and also assists on projects that are meant for the non-Jewish Nigerian population. A prominent example is the expansion of the Hope House infrastructure. Hope House is an initiative that provides boarding and learning centres for children and youth with special needs. Thanks to contributions made by Mesika and other leaders of the local Jewish community, Hope House has opened employment centres that enable their graduates to work in specially designed environments, make a living and assimilate in the general society.

Eyal Mesika CEO EMI Systems