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EMI Systems Raises the Bar of Excellence in West Africa

EMI Systems Ltd. was founded by Eyal Mesika in 1994. It is one of the largest privately owned security firms in Nigeria, a leader in the African and International security industry. The headquarters of EMI Systems are based in Abuja, Nigeria. The company also maintains offices in Lagos, where the EMI factory is located, and Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Yet another office is situated in Accra, the capital of Ghana.

EMI Systems provides a full spectrum of specialised, individually tailored security services to an exclusive base of public and private sector clients in Ghana and Nigeria. EMI Systems employs more than 3,500 local and foreign professionals. In recent years, the company has broadened its service portfolio to include the construction, real estate, and real investment sectors.

Vision & Mission

The vision of EMI Systems Limited is to deliver the best security systems in the most cost-effective way. Its focus is on customer safety and satisfaction. As a full-service company, EMI System’s work begins with an attentive analysis of the client’s needs. This stage is followed by diligent research of all the specific conditions that have to be taken into account. Then, based on this information, the EMI team moves on to the conception phase and designs a security system of products and services that will grant the client the best possible safety. EMI Systems also takes responsibility for delivery and implementation with highly professional and experienced personnel, training and maintenance teams.

The success of EMI Systems is rooted in the strong background of its founder and CEO, Eyal Mesika. Mesika founded his company after accumulating considerable practical knowledge and expertise both in security and in business management. He had served in a combat unit of the Israeli army and held senior positions in procurement, logistics and administration divisions of the Nigerian construction and infrastructure industry. Drawing from this experience, EMI Systems utilizes highly specialised military security platforms and benefits from a staff of employees trained in the most cutting-edge security operations and technologies.

High -Tech Security Products

  • Among the products offered by EMI Systems are
  • Bulletproof cars, doors, and windows
  • Anti-intruder systems, such as alarm and motion detection systems
  • Recording devices, including audio/video recording pens and watches

EMI Systems also provides a number of special devices, such as:

  • Bug detectors and bugging and debugging devices
  • Walk-through and hand-held metal detectors
  • Access control devices, such as biometric, numeric, digital and security card readers
  • Percale X-ray machines
  • Multi-lock high security and safety doors

Individualised Security Services

In addition to product delivery and technology development, EMI Systems offers a full package of security services to its clients. The company provides highly advanced bodyguard services for government, corporate and private sector clients. It also offers on-site, hands-on consultation with clients in order to develop the most appropriate and precise approach to address the unique security concerns of each client. EMI Systems employs the most innovative technologies and has a well-established reputation for being at the forefront of security strategies.

EMI Systems’ portfolio of security services includes:

  • Data and network security systems
  • Security Safety systems, including video motion detector; electronic perimeter fence; computerised digital CCTV; fire detection and fire- fighting systems
  • A security patrol and response centre in Abuja
  • Bodyguards trained to provide the highest level of personal protection

High-Profile Clientele

Thanks to their uncompromising approach and proven expertise, together with the wide variety of bespoke security solutions and services they provide, EMI Systems has acquired a prestigious client base of leading Nigerian and Ghanaian companies and organisations.
EMI Systems’ clients include public sector institutions like government institutes, embassies and diplomatic missions, law authorities, local municipalities and hospitals as well as private sector businesses like major petroleum companies, communication firms, airlines and construction corporations.

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