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Blog by Eyal Mesika, CEO of EMI Systems Ltd.

Enter the New Frontier of Security Systems

Like so many industries these days, the global security sector is rapidly developing, new threats are challenging professionals to develop new solutions, and technology is playing a bigger and bigger part in all aspects of the process. This blog will discuss the latest security innovations being implemented by governments, corporations and private individuals across the world. Here, I will share my thoughts and findings regarding the new security needs the 21st century is bringing our way and present cutting edge solutions that are entering the international security market. While attack and defence methods are evolving, for us security experts the premise remains the same, giving you the basic sense of safety you need in order to lead a healthy, happy and fulfilled life. To keep you safe we must stay informed.

Where My Story Begins

I have officially been in the security business since 1994 when I founded my own security company, EMI Systems Ltd. However, my acquaintance with this field began a few years earlier during my military service. As a born and raised Israeli, I served in the IDF (Israel Defence Forces) where I was trained as a combat soldier. After the army, I moved to Nigeria and spent some time in the construction and infrastructure industry, where I learned the business ecosystem of the country, experienced the local culture and became part of the society. After holding a number of managerial positions, I decided to use my unique toolkit of business and military experience to start my own company.

Eyal Mesika security blog
Eyal Mesika Security blog - EMI Systems

Bespoke Security with EMI Systems Ltd.

Today, more than 20 years later, I am still the owner and CEO of the company I founded. EMI Systems is a leader in the West African security industry, we provide innovative security products and services mainly in Nigeria and Ghana. Our clients are varied, as are the circumstances in which we offer protection. We work in the public and private sectors, providing security to government officials, municipal facilities, privately owned companies, and more. Every case is different and requires a unique compilation of methods and systems. Our solutions take this diversity into account. They are based on personalised strategies that are built on careful and extensive research and include training, close personal protection, advanced equipment, and whatever is needed to keep our clients safe.

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